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Community against Poverty (CAP) Foundation was formed in 2011 and registered with the Charity Commission in the UK in 2012. We are an international humanitarian relief and Charity Organisation.

We have a strict 100% donation policy as a group and we raise funds from individuals, community events, organisations and companies. We at CAP Foundation campaign to raise awareness for the right of a better future for some of the most poorest and deprived communities throughout Bangladesh.

Our aim is not only to provide charity but to provide resources to empower and inspire communities for people to build, create, and plan for a brighter future.

Our projects reflect a global vision with local focus. We work to deliver long-term, sustainable and cost-effective solutions.



CAP Foundation’s vision is to work with the poorest and disadvantaged communities to eradicate poverty, offer education, and facilitate health and welfare by developing innovative and sustainable solutions that enables individuals and families to achieve basic living standards, which are required by all human beings.



CAP Foundation’s mission is to empower and inspire the people in need.