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The Scholarship program is among the most important initiatives of the CAP Foundation. This is because one of the biggest reasons that people in rural Bangladesh are trapped in a cycle of poverty is due to lack of education. Through lack of education, the disadvantaged children in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh are denied one of their basic rights.

Enhancing Access to Education for Disadvantaged Students

Educating the poor and disadvantaged students of Bangladesh is amongst our top priorities. We believe that everyone should have access to a good quality education. We hope that the result of this will be that the next generation of Bangladeshis living under poverty can break loose from this cycle through the knowledge that they gain through the efforts of donors and volunteers involved in the Education and Scholarship program.

How Our Education and Scholarship Program Works

The CAP Foundation provides scholarships for the most needy students in college and further Education. Our volunteer researchers go deep into each borough and sub-district of the greater Sylhet division to identify students from families that are struggling financially and who find it difficult to access schools. The Education and Scholarship program offers students – both boys and girls – grants that help to cater for their school fees, learning materials such as books and travel costs for an entire school year.

An educated person is better placed to gain well-paying formal employment or undertake a skilled trade. By obtaining a proper education, disadvantaged children can enjoy the benefits and opportunities that are available to those from families with more resources. The result is that this individual can then break the cycle of poverty in their family and can give back in a useful way to their community. The children we help in the education and Scholarship program will eventually make their families, communities and the country of Bangladesh proud.

We Need Your Help

We do our best to ensure that our programs are run in an accountable and efficient manner, to ensure all donations go toward the benefit of those who need it the most. To ensure that we reach the neediest cases, we have a research team that identifies communities and individuals that require our help. We also have volunteer inspectors who analyze the impact and effectiveness of our programs both at a community and individual level.

Our Education and Scholarship program relies on the support and generosity of donors like you. Please show your support by helping us to educate our Brothers and Sisters in Bangladesh. Be part of the revival of knowledge in Bangladesh. Help us educate the next generation.

please make a donation of £100 to support our Scholarships program.

Please donate by JustGiving or MyDonate and if you are a UK tax payer remember to add gift aid


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