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Mental Health Well-Being Centre | Sylhet – Bangladesh


Global Scenario says that the Mental Disorder is the 4th deadliest disease out of top 10.
450 million people are effected, that is 12% of the world population.
In Bangladesh we have 16.1% Adult and 18.4% children’s have diagnosable mental health condition (source: 2003-2005 national Survey Report).
Every year there are about 10,000 people committing suicide in Bangladesh due to mental disorder.
Bangladesh has only 800 beds for 25 million affected Mental Illness people: 200 beds in Dhaka mental health hospital, 500 beds in Pubna and 100 in all other region.
Bangladesh has only 200 psychotherapist and 50 Clinical Psychologists throughout the whole country.

Our Aim

To have a Mental Health provision in Bangladesh to tackle mental health stigma and stereotypes that exists within villages and towns. The centre will accommodate and raise awareness around Mental Health issues, asses and plan to provide initial support to individuals and families.

Our Objective

To provide a personalised service that meets the need of the individuals who are suffering from Mental Health disorder within Greater Sylhet Division and throughout Bangladesh.

Outputs from the Centre..
Client’s MH assessment for need based intervention
Individual and group counselling for patient and their NOK
All Patients will receive medical treatment from Our Partner
Osmani Medical College and Hospital as inpatient and outpatient but will receive counselling and rehabilitation services from CAP Foundation
Home visit- follow-up of medical treatment, personal care, support for social functioning, livelihood training and employment etc
Organise Retreat programs, cultural events, with the clients and their family members

The Facility – A building with..
One reception area
Two small rooms for individual counselling
One big room to accommodate 25-30 people for multi-purpose use- group counselling, staff meeting, workshop and training etc
One Staff Room/Workstation
Furniture’s, Computers and all other office equipment
One people carrier for patients transports

The Centre will consist of..
One full time psychotherapist with clinical psychology background will provide counselling and psychotherapy to the patient and their family members as needed
One Centre Manager and one administrator to cover the Mental Health project
Four Mental Health First Aiders for In-house workshops and in community base workshops
One Mental Health Coordinator covering both centre  based and community based interventions

You can join us to build this together and support us financially to deliver Mental Health Provisions in Bangladesh through the Well-being Centre.

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