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Charities in Bangladesh have been delivering various projects and doing a lot of work in recent years. CAP Foundation has been at the forefront when it comes to delivering projects in Bangladesh. For several years, CAP Foundation has been putting roofs over the heads of some of the most impoverished families in Bangladesh. The houses we build for the people who are most in need are constructed by people from the community, thus providing an income to a more of the rural poor.

Providing shelter in difficult weather conditions

Building homes is something we have been working very hard on. We use specially made tin roofs to ensure that homes become completely water proof and stay dry. This is essential when it comes to building homes in Bangladesh as the monsoon season brings with it heavy rainfall that can easily destroy homes if they are not constructed properly.

Why Bangladesh?

Despite the continued general growth of the Bangladeshi economy, many of the country’s rural folk are poor and struggling to attain even the basic standards of living. There is an enduring cycle of poverty mainly because of poor wages and low education levels. By placing roofs over the heads of these families, our aim is to try and help provide these vulnerable people with at least one of the most basic human needs – shelter. This would then allow families to concentrate more effort on food and education. Although the government has initiated some commendable initiatives in the recent past, there is still a need for organizations like the CAP Foundation to help out in these efforts.

We Need Your Help

The main aim of our Shelter Accommodation project is to support vulnerable families who live in precarious or dangerous dwellings that are susceptible to the extreme monsoon weather. Through the development of strong, safe and secure housing, we are able to provide them with the long-term security that is a first step out of the cycle of poverty. However, this program is expensive and we appreciate all the help we can get to assist our brothers and sisters in Bangladesh. Your donations help us to get building materials and hire the labour required to build houses for the rural poor. We endeavour to use 100% of all donations that we receive in our charitable programs, and are completely accountable to the Almighty and our donors.

A Shelter House cost: £1800 to build. you can team up with friends and family to take a challenge to help us and support a vulnerable Family In Bangladesh.

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